Mountain Ghost: The Science of Snow Leopards

Today, International Snow Leopard Day 2021, join conservationist Dr Jonny Hanson for an interactive and engaging exploration of the science of snow leopards. From natural selection and camera trapping to social surveys and ecosystem services, learn about the natural history of and threats to this elusive big cat, its coexistence with local communities, and the … Continue reading

Nyika-Vwaza Trust 2021 Lecture & Social

The Nyika-Vwaza (UK) Trust’s 2021 Lecture Night & Social Evening. Featuring ‘A Botanists take on conservation’ by Jonathan Timberlake. Tickets £16/£8 student via More information here.

Dr Jonny Hanson YouTube channel launched

This is the trailer for my new YouTube channel, where you can watch all of my videos. Thanks to the Northern Ireland Science Festival, Jubilee Community Benefit Society, the Snow Leopard Conservancy and everyone else who has played a part.